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If you need architectural audio speakers, SCI is the source you have been

hoping to find.  We design and build all types, and we aren’t afraid to break

with convention and innovate with new products.


In Wall Speakers

SCI builds many popular in wall speaker of all sizes.  We build many models and types

with a wide variety of material and component types.  We also helped design and build

many innovative in wall products including, powered subwoofers, amplifiers, and even

wall plate speakers designed to fit in electrical outlet boxes. 


In Ceiling Speakers

In ceiling speaker are now more popular than in wall speakers, and our business reflects that. 

In addition to the standard selection of sizes and types of in ceiling speakers, we build

switch able DVC and dipole in ceiling speakers for use as a single point stereo or as rear

speakers in a home theater.  SCI has also developed in ceiling center channel and main

speakers for in ceiling theater systems.  We have also developed small package size in ceiling

speakers for whole house distributed audio systems.

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